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Acrobats and Aerialists through History

By admin | Comments: 0 | 18/12/2017

The amazing skills of acrobats have been well-documented throughout history, in all parts of the world. Whether a part of religious celebrations, feasts, festivals, or simply for entertaining the public, their combination of agility, flexibility, grace, and coordination has left audiences stunned for almost four centuries. Gradually, the art leapt to greater heights with even more spectacular feats of daring with the advent of wire work, the trapeze, and eventually the use of aerial silks. Now, in today’s high-tech world, acrobats and aerialists continue to push the boundaries of the human body to entertain and amaze.

Although acrobatics had a humble beginning, the art began to gain notoriety after Philip Astley’s first modern circus began operating in England in the 18th century. By the time P.T. Barnum toured his first circus in America in 1870, the popularity of acrobats and aerial acrobats had soared. Originally, circuses were a menagerie of acts featuring not only a plethora of skilled performers, but sideshow ‘freaks’ and animals who had been trained to perform for large audiences. Barnum used his own experience as a curiosities curator to create a world that was completely unique and separate from the everyday, and it was this that would begin to draw larger and larger crowds. It wasn’t until the twentieth century when investigations began into the alleged abuses of animals behind the shows that contemporary circuses began to emerge.

Acrobatics and Aerial Acrobatics has truly reached a pinnacle with the nouveau cirque, with groups like Cirque du Soleil bringing back the storytelling and theatre of ages past. Daring aerial displays, vibrant costuming, engaging and dramatic dance, and the mesmerising skill of highly-trained acrobats make it one of the most successful and celebrated performance art modalities today.

Now, not only are acrobats and aerialists popular in troupes performing in theatrical venues, but they are also in high demand in the world of corporate and private entertainment. Adagio Acrobats You no longer have to go to the big top to enjoy a wide range of acrobatic performance, you can bring the show to you. Acrobatic artists spend years honing their skills and creating stunningly imaginative, individualised shows that bring wonder and amazement to parties, conventions, weddings, and more.

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