Stilt Dancers at Carols in the Domain

By admin | 17/12/2022

MEDIA ALERT: Carols in the Domain Stilt Dancers. 17th December 2022. Tonight is the every popular Sydney Carols in the Domain and amongst the on stage cast Gaia Rhythm’s incredibly talented stilt dancers are roving the domain entertaining the attendees. Its unseasonably windy for Sydney this afternoon lucky the Snow Queens are used to colder

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The PA’s Guide to Christmas Party Entertainment Options

By admin | Comments: 0 | 08/11/2018

So, you have the end of year Christmas shindig to prepare? Congrats on being selected to entertain the masses. Now, the fun really starts. What Christmas entertainment options should you include? Following on from our PA’s guide for hosting, here are some clever Christmas entertainment options to keep the troops at bay. Putting on the

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Why Entertainment Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

By admin | Comments: 0 | 04/09/2018

Trying to get one over your competition? Want to creating a memorable guest experience? Need a point of difference? Here are three great reasons why you should hire event entertainers as part of your marketing plan. See more below. When you think event entertainment what comes to mind? Circus acts, roving characters and musos belting

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What to Expect When You Hire Professional Event Entertainment

By admin | Comments: 0 | 27/08/2018

From techs and specs to insurances – here is the low-down on what is involved with hiring professional event entertainment. When hiring professional event entertainers many people don’t understand the detail required behind-the-scenes. In fact, doctor Google is not that adept at the topic either. The truth is there is more to event entertainment management

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The PA’s Guide to Hosting a Stand-Out Corporate Christmas Party

By admin | Comments: 0 | 23/08/2018

Welcome to the event of the year – the corporate Christmas party. Where PA’s across the country make like event managers and get busy, busy, busy! Sound familiar? I know the feeling too well. Check out my behind-the-scenes tips on how to nail the event like a true professional. Christmas is the time of the

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How to Choose the Right Entertainment for your Event

By admin | Comments: 0 | 08/06/2018

Choosing the right event entertainment is not rocket science but there are a few tricks to getting it right. Get the scoop here. Event entertainment comes in many forms. And whether creating impact, generating ambience, mustering up atmosphere or making a statement; you can have it well covered by choosing the best option. Entertainment can

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How Entertainment Sets the Tone for an Event

By admin | Comments: 0 | 02/04/2018

There is more to entertainment than dancing clowns and magicians. See how to set the tone for your next gig.   There is a purpose behind every event. Whether it be celebratory, welcoming, educational, sorrow, or promotion – each event has a message and an intended delivery no matter how small or large. With the

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Meet and Greet Entertainment

By admin | Comments: 0 | 27/02/2018

We have all done it before – go to a concert or event and hope to snag an up close and personal meet and greet opportunity with our hero or on-stage crush. Nowadays, celebrities have started cashing in on the meet and greet desire of their fans. Some celebs charge hundreds of dollars for a

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Lunar New Year: Tradition that Kicks Off with a Bang!

By admin | Comments: 0 | 08/01/2018

Everyone has their preference on how to celebrate the New Year and one quarter of the world’s population choose to do it differently for the Lunar New Year. Also referred to as the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year marks an important time of celebration and is a major holiday in mainland China, Hong Kong,

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Acrobats and Aerialists through History

By admin | Comments: 0 | 18/12/2017

The amazing skills of acrobats have been well-documented throughout history, in all parts of the world. Whether a part of religious celebrations, feasts, festivals, or simply for entertaining the public, their combination of agility, flexibility, grace, and coordination has left audiences stunned for almost four centuries. Gradually, the art leapt to greater heights with even

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