Carbon Neutral Excitement

By admin | 15/12/2013

Just what do we mean by our tagline, ‘Carbon Neutral Excitement’? Well, first of all, just as our clients are mindful of the ‘zeitgeist’ (fancy German word used by PR types in the 90s to mean what’s happening at the moment), so are we. As a society we are more aware of, and concerned for, our environment than ever before in history. Successful businesses know that they have to be good corporate citizens as well as make a profit, pay dividends to shareholders and ensure they adhere to the ever growing number or rules, regulations and requirements. So do we.

It might look like our jobs consist of having a ball and getting paid for it (and that’s true, we love our work), but Gaia Rhythm Events is a business, a legal entity like any other. We pay taxes, workers compensation, public liability and professional indemnity insurance premiums and all the day to day administration that goes along with any business, big or small. For every hour on the stage there are literally hundreds of hours spent just running the business; not counting the time it takes to create, rehearse and perform our shows.

Like any business, we have to provide a service our clients want and are satisfied with that they got great value for their money. We have to appeal to clients with far ranging tastes, needs and criteria, not to mention budgets. That’s why we are ‘Carbon Neutral’. We strive to entertain in such a way that no one is offended, everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves and of course, is left wanting more.