Corporate Event Performers – Which Genre is right for your Event?

By admin | 16/05/2014

Do you have important clients coming from out of town that you need to impress? Is there a major company and client event that needs to be celebrated with a tastefully exciting celebration? With a combination of original mesmeric live music, aerial acrobatics, adagio acrobats and themes a Gaia Rhythm Event could be just the thing to get the entire crowd excited and engaged in the party atmosphere.

Like the world famous musical and circus acts of Las Vegas, The Gaia Rhythm Show provides an extravaganza of joy, colour & movement through interpretive dance, fire dancers, acrobatic floor shows and fantastic music.  As in other world famous shows, Gaia’s shows hook the audience, inspire dance and laughter and energize the room. As corporate events performers our mission is to engage our audience & transport them to another world – a world of joy and inspiration. We make a special effort to stimulate the senses while relaxing the mind and lifting the heart.

Corporate Event Performers


At Gaia Rhythm Events, we have dedicated, professional and talented performing artists on our team. We have choreographed and performed at many larger corporate events such as Usana Asia Pacific Conference , Makita Australia 100 year Anniversary  and know how to bring a show into the audience and effectively engulf them in the story. It’s our goal to sweep you off your feet and make all your worries melt away. We want you to escape from the corporate world for one night in order to return fresh, inspired and ready to do your best work ever.

Whether our clients are looking for entertainment for corporate fetes, weddings, parties or festivals, a theme is a wonderful way to get the entire audience wrapped up in the fun of the show. Many of our customers love to be engulfed by a winter wonderland during a White Christmas Party. Others enjoy beach themed parties, circus shows or other entertainment extravaganzas. Nothing beats the wonder and romance of a Crystal Forest full of spirited nymphs and magical mysteries. If you wants to kick your party up a notch, you’ve got to try a themed party! If you can imagine a theme, Gaia Rhythm Events will work closely with you to make that dream a reality.

Our skilled performers provide main acts, floor shows and stage shows that include flame dancing, sky dancing, roaming musicians and drum playing stilt walkers, dancers and other amazingly talented artists. Our shows are an exhibition of musical styling, grace, athleticism and storytelling.

We can cover all aspects of your entertainment needs. Contact us today 0n 1300 749 582 or Corporate Event Performers to schedule talented corporate event performance professionals from world renowned Gaia Rhythm Events.