Case Studies


The Opera Kitchen NYE

The Opera Kitchen is located in Sydney Harbour adjacent to the iconic Sydney Opera House. Our client secured the expertise of our team for their 2011 New Year’s celebrations which beckoned end-to-end event management for their entertainment requirements.

For the safety of all concerned and the preservation of the area, this assignment called for precise engineering of a performance-sized stage to ensure no damage was done to existing flooring and that the stage was perfectly weighted to balance the under-surface piers on the foreshore.


Makita Australia:

Makita is a global leader in the manufacture of power tools and is the brand of choice for many professionals on job sites every day.
Makita was conducting a 100 Year Anniversary dinner and looking for entertainment to punctuate the event & keep the energy high for the 350 people in attendance.

Initial discussions looked at the heritage of Makita and Japanese cultural acts. Gaia Rhythm suggested entertainment that connected with Makita’s global position of today and also connected with the demographic of the stakeholders attending the event.

After discussions and brain storming, an industrial themed act that utilised Makita power tools was conceived. The choreography included a segment that payed homage to Makita’s Japanese heritage with junk percussion synchronised drumming. Musicians created a catchy electro acoustic soundscape, acrobats performed jaw dropping feats of partner acrobatics and a juggler had the audience holding their breath as he dealt with the challenge of juggling chainsaws in a function room with low ceilings.

The finale again featured a Makita’s chainsaw as an attempt was made on the Guinness Book of World Records for cutting the most apples out of the mouth with a chainsaw in sixty seconds!
The event was a huge success with a client well satisfied that their brand journey had been put to the forefront in an enjoyable & exciting way!
PS: The Guinness Book of Records attempt was successful .

USANA APAC Conference

The Usana 3 day conference for 3000 delegates from the Asia Pacific region was conducted at Sydney Convention Centre. With less than 4 weeks to create and perfect nine separate performances, delegates with differing cultural sensitivities to cater to, thirty five performers to co ordinate , rehearsals and late nights working through logistics and OHS requirements the pressure was on….and Loving it!

‘The response to the end product was very positive, with many people raving about their favourite segments. You did a fantastic job! I really appreciate you and Angela jumping in and getting as much done as you did.

As we keep saying, next time we’ll give you six months to prepare! I was very happy with your willingness to work with us, our time frame, our budget. You guys were wonderful!
Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts!’

Michael Rytting, Usana


I’ll never look at a tap, sink, toilet or handrail the same way. Secretly I’ve always wanted to make music out of bathroom and kitchen products and love to experiment until the result has been achieved.

This was very much a brand activation where it was important to reach the demographic of the audience in an environment where they were surrounded by their competitors.
Bringing the brand to the forefront utilising the clients products such as sinks, various tap ware, bathtubs, toilets was a challenge we revelled in.
We wrote, performed, orchestrated & produced a bespoke percussive backing track from bathroom & kitchen products!

Part of the challenge was in making music to suit the different sections of the display and to create sounds that were different for each sub brand. The reason it was challenging is that each product had similar tonal qualities. This is where some serious creative and experimental thinking was required.

unscrewing the spouts off the taps and using the lever created a great 3 note flute. We also discovered that the laundry sink had at least 15 sounds and that a porcelain hand band basin made a great gong! The final result was the recording of around 40 sounds from which to orchestrate the backing track.

The ‘Bathroom Percussion’ backing track was played on the stand during exhibitions across Australia and was accompanied by a live interactive bathroom percussion performance designed to engage the audience.
This created a platform for the presenters to explain the key brand messages and product benefits to an readily engaged audience.

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