Event Assist

Event Assist

We build your castles in the sky then hand deliver the keys beyond expectation

A meticulous eye and creative genius.

Gaia Rhythm Events are creative maestros, and when it comes to events, our organisers work hand in hand with our creatives. We ensure components such as logistics, lighting, sound, OHS, creative vision and performers share the same vision and combine seamlessly to deliver a brilliant event.

Our skilful event management team have an imagination that could rival the best Hollywood directors and story tellers. We dream things that never were and we have the production and technical dexterity to see it through to the end.

With over a decade of experience in events and live entertainment logistics around Australia, our team know which venues and entertainment provide maximum impact for every unique occasion. We engage the best live entertainers with production crews to manage all aspects of your live event including rehearsals, performer specifications, run sheets, and operational requirements. On trend, innovative, and at the forefront of all there is to know in live event management and touring events.

We provide our clients tailored solutions and branding for multisensory event experiences on brief, guaranteed to deliver the wow and beyond!

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The Opera Kitchen

The Opera Kitchen is located in Sydney Harbour adjacent to the iconic Sydney Opera House. Our client secured the expertise of our team for their 2011 New Year’s celebrations which beckoned end-to-end event management for their entertainment requirements.

For the safety of all concerned and the preservation of the area, this assignment called for precise engineering of a performance-sized stage to ensure no damage was done to existing flooring and that the stage was perfectly weighted to balance the under-surface piers on the foreshore. With strict OH&S principals already in play at the Opera House, adding to this was the extra considerations for the number of revellers expected at the new year’s festivities. There were T’s to cross and I’s to dot in every direction, with plenty of cartwheels in between.

As well as the stage and engineering requirements, our team managed six individual performances and their event schedule including; the event security, theming, lighting design and installation, audio visual, stage management, and full management of the artists.

The end result? A hugely successful event with a very happy client who was free to concentrate on other important aspects of the evening.