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How Entertainment Sets the Tone for an Event

By admin | Comments: 0 | 02/04/2018

There is more to entertainment than dancing clowns and magicians. See how to set the tone for your next gig.


There is a purpose behind every event. Whether it be celebratory, welcoming, educational, sorrow, or promotion – each event has a message and an intended delivery no matter how small or large.

With the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, we will see all things Australian pulled out of the woodwork. An already smiling kola, named Borobi, has taken the promotional stage in the lead up to the games. And along with highly-groomed Borobi, you can bet on plenty of Aussie-backed entertainment at the opening ceremony and around the Gold Coast in general.

So why do major event organisers go all out to invent local characters and entertainment options like what we will see on the Gold Coast? The answer is simple.

Entertainment has a way of working magic on people.

Let me take you back to the year 2000 when Sydney played host to the Olympics. The opening ceremony captivated a live crowd of 110,000 people and so many more millions watching it on TV.

The ceremony kicked off with horsemen riding their steeds through the dusty plains of the Australian outback. After their Man from Snowy River-simulated performance, we met fresh-faced schoolgirl Nikki Webster.

Dressed in her pretty pink finest beachwear, Nikki began slathering herself in UV protection in the middle of the stadium and set herself down for a daydream at the beach. Her journey began as she was suspended 30 meters in the air above the stadium crowd to “swim” amongst the creatures of The Great Barrier Reef.

She was carried on to meet an Aboriginal tribal dancer who led her through to Dreamtime. The crowd was introduced to indigenous people from Australia and the Torres Strait Islands who broke into traditional dance.

We saw enactments of bushfires, rains, native plants and wildlife flourish. We were introduced to Captain Cook, the arrival of heavy machinery, and even met some infamous bushrangers, sheep shearers and woodchoppers along the way. The Aussie lawnmower also made an appearance to represent our now suburban lifestyle of spending the weekends on the job.

This first segment of the Games’ Opening Ceremony depicted the story of the arrival of different cultures into Australia. They came together to sing and dance and celebrate history and unity, as the ceremony drew to a close.

Entertainment in this arena was used as an introduction to Australian culture and shared the story of our country’s history. But why do organisers generally choose to share so much with the world at these opening ceremonies?

Entertainment is an effective and engaging way to set the tone for an event. You don’t have to speak the language to follow it or know the words to understand it.


Following are three principals why entertainment is perfect for any event.

  • To break the ice: provides a common ground and talking point
  • Comradery: promotes togetherness and unity
  • Sets the tone: offers an understanding of culture and values for the event/event host

Connection and comradery – consider some entertainment to soften your guests and give them an opportunity to feel more connected from the start (great to use at conference openings).

Culture – share your company’s values and vision through the use of entertainment.

Check out the impact made with entertainment for guests at power tool manufacturer Makita’s, 100 Year Anniversary Dinner. Click here to see the video.

Entertainment promotes a real connection of the people to the event. If you want to evoke passion, promote comradery, and foster value – just arrange quality entertainment to tell your story.

Gaia Rhythm Events specialise in entertainment for all makes and models. And if we don’t have it already, we will make it for you!

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