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How to Choose the Right Entertainment for your Event

By admin | Comments: 0 | 08/06/2018

Choosing the right event entertainment is not rocket science but there are a few tricks to getting it right. Get the scoop here.

Event entertainment comes in many forms. And whether creating impact, generating ambience, mustering up atmosphere or making a statement; you can have it well covered by choosing the best option.

Entertainment can make or break an event. So, when you are planning your next big occasion, how do you know what type of entertainment will be perfect? There are plenty of factors that can come into play, but the most pertinent are those which will have an impact on your end result.

Personal tastes aside, here are our top four tips for choosing the right event and corporate entertainment.


#1 Event objective

The first and foremost consideration for booking event entertainment should be the objective of your event. For entertainment to be successful, it needs to have a common link with that goal.

Take for example a networking function where you want guests to network. Suitable entertainment to create a vibe and atmosphere may be a band playing background music whilst interactive roving entertainers are perfect to promote conversation point and help keep the energy up.

A conference on the other hand, is packed with educational speakers; but what about someone to break up the monotony of day-long seminar sessions and create a talking point? A feature act such as a comedian or comedy hypnotist to bring a light heartedness and motivation back to the room is perfect for this occasion.

Goals underpin every event, the attainment of which is a true measure of return on investment. Think about what you are trying to achieve and tailor your event entertainment based on those common goals.


#2 Demographic

Although out of the ordinary works in some scenarios, targeting a main demographic is generally optimal with event entertainment. Who is your target market and what are they into?

With event objective in mind, who will be best placed to speak to your audience through their skills and talents? Put yourself into the mindset of this target audience before booking anything.


#3 Venue

Venue is exceptionally important for selecting the right event entertainment, and surprising how often this is overlooked. Factors such as acoustics and logistics need to be considered equally.

Here are some examples of entertainment variations in venues:

  • high ceilings promote opportunity for acrobatics, stilt walkers and aerial performers (although not all venues with high ceilings have suitable rigging points & need to be checked by a qualified circus rigger)
  • a venue with a pool is perfect for beach-themed entertainment or acts incorporating water, but could get tricky for some roving characters to navigate around
  • bigger venues with a large stage area are ideal for feature acts with multiple performers, but soloist could find impact hard to achieve on a concert-sized stage
  • photo booths promote atmosphere in intimate venues, whilst loud percussion acts are probably a little overbearing
  • some venues will lock clients into their in house A/V supplier, in house A/V is regularly charged at triple the amount of what an external provider will charge

Where is your event being held? What entertainment options can you really capitalise on there?

Whilst there are many magnificent venues with beautiful views, think through the type of event you would like to hold before locking in with a particular venue as some venue choices may make the theme & type of acts desired unworkable.


#4 Budget

We have left budget as the final tip on our list as it should not be the ‘be all and end all’ of event entertainment.  Generally, the higher quality or profile the event entertainment or corporate entertainer, the more expensive it becomes.

Remember if there is an event option outside of budget, there may be similar acts available within scope. While it is important to set an event entertainment budget, don’t be disheartened if fees are above expectations first hand.

No one likes a show pony with no links, values or interests to a common goal.

Failing to plan correctly carries the opportunity for entertainment flop (and that can hurt). So, why would you book event entertainment without coinciding why, who, and how meticulously?

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