Makita 100 year Celebrations

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Makita – 100 Year Celebrations

Makita is a global leader in the manufacture of power tools and is the brand of choice for many professionals on job sites around the world every day. As part of its 100 year celebrations Makita hosted an Anniversary dinner at Doltone House for 350 VIP’s and stakeholders.

Initial discussions for the entertainment looked at the heritage of Makita and Japanese cultural acts. Gaia Rhythm suggested entertainment that connected with Makita’s heritage, global position of today and also connected with the demographic of the stakeholders attending the event.

After many discussions and brain storming, a classical quintet was selected for the meet & greet entertainment and an industrial themed act that utilised Makita power tools was conceived for the feature act. The choreography included a segment that payed homage to Makita’s Japanese heritage with junk percussion synchronised drumming. Musicians created a catchy electro acoustic soundscape, acrobats performed jaw dropping feats of partner acrobatics and a juggler had the audience holding their breath as he dealt with the challenge of juggling chainsaws in a function room with low ceilings.

The finale again featured a Makita’s chainsaw as an attempt was made on the Guinness Book of World Records for cutting the most apples out of the mouth with a chainsaw in sixty seconds!
The event was a huge success with a client well satisfied that their brand journey had been put to the forefront in an enjoyable & exciting way!

PS: The Guinness Book of Records attempt was successful.

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