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The PA’s Guide to Christmas Party Entertainment Options

By admin | Comments: 0 | 08/11/2018

So, you have the end of year Christmas shindig to prepare?
Congrats on being selected to entertain the masses. Now, the fun really starts.
What Christmas entertainment options should you include?
Following on from our PA’s guide for hosting, here are some clever Christmas entertainment options to keep the troops at bay.

Putting on the end of year Christmas party is no easy feat. As a social gathering it is usually one of the most critiqued events of the year. Get it wrong and I guarantee you are going to hear about it well into the new year! Get it right and, well, you can enjoy that glass of bubbles at the end of it (because goodness knows there will always be work that pops up on the day of formalities).

What I learnt from many years of managing events is that it’s almost impossible to impress everyone. But, the beauty with the silly season is you can afford to get a little creative with your corporate entertainment solutions.

Whether you want to go traditional with bells and tinsel or seek some out-of-the-box shock factor entertainment (which is the part I loved to do), the secret to nailing the right entertainment is to think about your demographic. What will make them tick? What options will add real value to your theme or style of event?

So, without further ado, following is my guide for choosing the right Christmas entertainment for your event.


Shock factor Christmas entertainment

If you have a crowd that revels in a good talking point, bewilder them with some jaw-dropping action. There is no better bunch of entertainers to do this than Gaia’s Freak Show. Featuring an extremely talented bunch of, uh hum… freaks, the Freak Show is packed with adrenaline-pumping displays that will get anyone’s tongue wagging.

This group includes one of the best sword swallowers in the business, having practised the art since he was only eight years’ old and with an impressive list of world records under his belt. Throw in some chainsaw juggling, walking up razor sharp stairs, and even an eye-watering display of pulling objects across the room using fishhooks attached to the eye sockets (eik). This is how to shock, rock and give them something to talk about!


Roving and background Christmas entertainment

If you are entertaining a group of people who like a bit of subtle Christmas glitz, try these golden goddesses on for size. These human statues can create a look for any occasion; gilded, bronzed, shimmering in silver or painted like chiselled stone and decorated in perfect harmony with your Christmas theme.

If you want to create a stunning focal point in the background, add life-like elements to your Christmas party, or just a hint of intrigue, these talented artisans come with some astonishing skill and a subtleness that won’t detract from the main event, or your VIP’s…

For a bit more movement, frivolity and traditional red and green, check out some of these Christmas themed roving performers too.


Boost the Christmas cheer

If your crowd can do with some warming up or need a little push to get them into the spirit of Christmas, Gaia’s Christmas elves roving entertainers can do the trick nicely.

Notorious for magic, mayhem and running amuck, your guests have nowhere to hide with a team of Christmas elves chasing them down. And, for that “one in a crowd” – just give these elves the heads-up and they might just have them as part of the act too.


Whatever the style of Christmas event you are putting together this year, just consider your main audience and what Christmas entertainment will keep them interested.

Gaia Rhythm Events have plenty of corporate and casual Christmas entertainers to select from. How about a Christmas-themed photo booth, a party band, palm readers, or some Winter Wonderland-themed entertainers; jugglers with snowballs, acrobats tumbling through the snow, aerialists spinning like graceful snowflakes from the sky, and live music and dancers.

Just like no two snowflakes are the same, the team at Gaia can tailor entertainment for any event.


Need some help with your Christmas party entertainment?

Check out the full list of Gaia Rhythm Events corporate event entertainers and Christmas party entertainment here. Or, see the specialised corporate packages which make organising your Christmas entertainment a total breeze.

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