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What to Expect When You Hire Professional Event Entertainment

By admin | Comments: 0 | 27/08/2018

From techs and specs to insurances – here is the low-down on what is involved with hiring professional event entertainment.

When hiring professional event entertainers many people don’t understand the detail required behind-the-scenes. In fact, doctor Google is not that adept at the topic either. The truth is there is more to event entertainment management than meets the eye. And, if you want it done properly there are a few fundamentals worth getting your head around first.


Technical requirements

The majority of professional entertainers have special technical requirements for their acts. If you book an event entertainer with these necessities it may also be expected of the hirer to pay any extra cost involved.

Common examples of these requirements are listed below.


  1. Sound and lighting

hiring of additional music/band equipment, backing tracks, lighting equipment, cue sheets for lighting operators, av technicians and operators. Many entertainers are flexible and can work in with what is available, however this is something that should be discussed before booking


  1. Special set-up requirements

rigging of suspended apparatuses (typical of aerial entertainment and circus acts), additional time required for set-up and pack-down of equipment, specific stage plots or the amount of area needed for a performance. Some artists will require their equipment moved during a show too. Generally, these items are less flexible in terms of being able to work around


  1. Rehearsal times

additional time required to practice at the event


  1. Riders

items the entertainers need pre-show, during show, after show – meals, snacks, beverages, green room and dressing room specifications. For longer call times, for example when the performers are on site for over 3 hours usually food is required. Riders are normally at the cost of the event hirer

Understanding entertainment wants and needs in advance is key to successful preparation.


Travel and accommodation

Entertainers may ask for travel or accommodation in addition to their performance fee. They will have specific requirements on the minimum standard expected.

Generally, the higher profile the entertainer the higher their expectations. Fully-flexible business class flights, limousines, and five-star hotels are not just a thing of movies. And, you may be required to juggle transport around at any time if they need to fly in earlier or later.



It is imperative that the event entertainer hold their own insurance in case of any accidents. For most entertainment, venues will require a minimum cover amount and a copy of the insurance certificate pre-event. It is important to book an entertainer who meets these needs.


Ever wondered what an entertainment agency really does?

Entertainment agencies don’t just source the best entertainment for your event. They cover the entire nitty-gritty to make your event successful and hassle-free.

Next time you are considering booking event entertainment for your gig, make your job easier by booking with expert entertainment consultants. They are worth their weight in gold.

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