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Why Entertainment Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

By admin | Comments: 0 | 04/09/2018

Trying to get one over your competition? Want to creating a memorable guest experience? Need a point of difference? Here are three great reasons why you should hire event entertainers as part of your marketing plan. See more below.

When you think event entertainment what comes to mind? Circus acts, roving characters and musos belting out a tune or two? These are typical answers however there is a lot more to corporate event entertainment and much of the benefits are overlooked.

Following are three outside-of-the-box tips on how you can capitalise on corporate event entertainers as part of your marketing strategy.



Good entertainers create experiences.

Ever wondered through a public mall and stopped to take in the skills of a busker? Captivating their audience, they know how to pull in a crowd. They are entertainers. They create memories for people. Those memories often last long after people go home.

Now, thinking outside the box imagine that entertainer is using products which belong to your company as part of their act. And what’s better, people are invited to take one of those products home to sample themselves afterwards. The added bonus here is the connection of product to memory and experience.

Find this more captivating than a standard promotional model handing out merchandise? I certainly do.

If business to consumer (B2C) is your style of trade then real-life memorable experiences can boost your offering. Encounters like these can encourage people to remember your brand for a much longer time as they feel more connected to it.

Whether it be via a promotional street campaign or an entertainer at an event, think about how you can capitalise on an entertainer’s skills to link memories with your brand too.



Most entertainers are generally flexible in what they wear offering walking, talking promotional advantages.

For more advertising for your major sponsor just have an entertainer wear their branding as part of the costume. An aerialist with a logo on their caboose. Break dancing acrobats wearing a company message on their shirt.

For the ultimate branding opportunity, check out our henna tattoo artists who can adorn your guests with beautiful take-home branding as well.


A personal touch

We all like to feel a little special from time to time. Event entertainers can make your next customer experience ultra-special.

Roving entertainers and meet and greet entertainers are perfect for any gathering. Highly interactive, they can take on the role of concierge and part-time host. These event entertainers also make brilliant ice breakers to give the room some added vibe. This in turn encourages people to feel more relaxed and at home – perfect for sales pitches, product launches and conferences.

Entertainers can value-add to a marketing plan more than one usually thinks. Experience counts for everything so don’t let an opportunity be wasted. How can you use their skills to your ultra-advantage?


Need to be entertained?

Check out our full list of our Gaia Rhythm Events corporate event entertainers. We also offer specialised corporate packages to make organising your entertainment a breeze.

If you want an event management agency that goes above and beyond contact us now to discuss your tailored entertainment requirements.

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