Audio, A/V, Sound

There is a saying in the live music industry

”The guy behind the sound desk can either make you or break you”

Needless to say having the appropriate high quality equipment and a highly skilled audio operator  is paramount to the success of any event.

Whether your event is a public concert, feature act at a corporate event, a string trio at a wedding or a presentation during a seminar our focus is make sure the A/V is used to enhance the experience for all involved & that the event is remembered for all the right reasons.

We ensure that you have the latest equipment to choose from operated by experienced professional sound technicians who are there because they want to be there!

Our fees are very reasonable and mostly are considerably less than in house suppliers for the same if not better equipment.


Through the creative use of standard lighting equipment through to state of the art lighting such as automated lasers we transform spaces. For stage acts we manipulate the lighting to reflect the mood changes through the performance, different coloured lights, follow spots & smooth transitions from experienced operators.

If you have ideas or are looking for suggestions for a particular theme or mood discuss them with our team and we will set up the lighting to suit the atmosphere you desire


What size and shape, will local regulations stipulate the use of a handrail, is a front of stage barrier required, what type of stage is suitable for the ground it will be built upon, do we need stage access for the audience? These are some of the questions that need to be considered when planning an event.

Depending upon your choice of entertainment, we can provide: mobile stage hire, modular staging, catwalk hire, wedding stage hire and school stage hire.

Safety & Compliance

We have produced public & private events in Sydney and across Australia, outdoors at venues such as the Sydney Opera House and indoors at many of the biggest venues. As a result we have developed a keen awareness of what needs to be considered in order to ensure everything meets high safety standards and complies with local regulations

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